LifEm provides insured care for individuals aged above 18. We offer care for the following diagnostic groups:

  • Mood disorders (Depression/Anxiety)
  • Somatoform
  • Dissociative
  • Developmental Disorders  

If desired, we also offer treatment where the patient is central. In doing so, we take into account the diversity of the patient's background (linguistic, psychosocial and cultural).


Exclusion: Personality disorders, bipolar images, manifest psychotic disorders, aggression, crisis-sensitive clients, active suicidality and/or self-harm and severe neuropsychiatric images. If in doubt, please consult us via 010 - 261 33 65.


For insured care, a valid referral is necessary. We prefer to receive referrals via Zorgdomein.

The referral letter should include the following information:

1. Date of referral.
2. Referrer details: Name, position, address details, AGB code and signature.
3. Patient data: Name, address, date of birth, BSN (or registration number).
4. Reason for referral: Suspicion of a DSM-5 listed disorder.
5. There is a referral to the Generalist Basic Mental Health Care. 


Please note that there are also diagnoses that are not reimbursed by health insurance companies. Below are the main diagnoses that health insurance companies do not reimburse:

  • adjustment disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • intellectual disability
  • Communication disorders, for example, stuttering or a language disorder
  • mild eating disorder
  • a phobia, except if it is a situation that occurs frequently and guidance from the general practice does not help enough. Or when you are afraid of, for example, blood or injections
  • problems at work or exhaustion reaction of body and mind due to work stress such as burnout and overwork
  • learning disabilities, for example dyscalculia and dyslexia
  • premenstrual mood disorder
  • a parent-child relationship problem, abuse, grief response, study problem, identity problem, acculturation problem, religious problem or life stage problem
  • Sexual dysfunctions (e.g., erection problems)
  • Addiction to nicotine (such as cigarettes)


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